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The duplex L'Aile du Château (Wing of Castle) offers you a journey back in the past, in a surprising place where right angles do not yet exist. It comes from the former woodshed, which was then a 18th century outbuilding of the Château de Cormondrèche.

The house was entirely restored in 2020 with special care, designed by David Weibel Architect, implemented by LB PLanification and following the advices of geobiologists.

We applied various specific ecological choices :

  • House in wood and stone structure

  • Wood wool insulation

  • Mineral (and breathable) paints

  • Lime side plasters and old-fashioned tiles (Bardonnex)

  • Shielded electrical tubes on the floor

  • Heat pump heating, powered by photovoltaic panels

  • Natural light concept

These choices have revived the charm of the past, while providing energy autonomy and today's comfort: original framework, door and staircase carved in old wood, wrought iron layout measured by an art blacksmith. On the east side, the old 18th century window openings have been maintained, while allowing natural light through a large French window, opening onto the pretty south-west facing terrace, which promises beautiful summer evenings.

Some of the furniture comes from the castle and has been renovated in keeping with current tastes.

We welcome tenants who appreciate careful renovation and sustainable way of life.

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